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Co-Sponsored training is often referred to as "Free Training" - and that is an accurate description. Co-Sponsored seminars happen when an agency supplies a meeting facility, some coffee and their hospitality in exchange for free seats in a seminar. PATC then markets that class to surrounding agencies who attend like an Open Registration.

What the PATC provides:

  • All mail marketing
  • On-site National Coordinator to support seminar
  • Expert National Instructor
  • All Multimedia Equipment
  • All Student Material including for each student: Class Roster, Class Manual, and Certificate of Completion

What the Co-Sponsoring Agency provides:

  • A Training facility for 35+ persons
  • Notify surrounding agencies of the training seminar
  • Be within one hour of a major airport

Benefits of Co-Sponsoring:

  • 2 free seats in seminar up to 29 paying attendees
  • 5 free seats for 30 or more paying attendees
  • exceptions apply -such as some Hands On Seminars - where seating is limited.
  • Total elimination of travel and per diem expense
  • Front page acknowledgement on all marketing brochures
  • Recognition as a leader in state certified training


Open registration is the most common method for attendees to enroll in a PATC seminar. PATC contracts with an Instructor to teach a specific subject in a designated location. PATC then markets that seminar to the surrounding agencies - who may enroll their personnel in the class. PATC schedules seminars based on demand and other factors. If an agency needs to train from one to five people on a given subject this is quickest, most cost effective manner.

Benefits of Open Registration:

  • Easy enrollment process
  • Cost effective
  • Training from Expert Instructor

In-Service Training

In-Service Training can be the most cost effective option for training multiple people. For a single fee an agency can bring the best of the PATC course catalog to their door. PATC In-Service provides training for fifteen to fifty persons, that could save over 50% of the cost of training personnel individually. PATC In-Service training allows agencies to quickly respond to immediate training needs and can be set up in a matter of weeks. A PATC In-Service has no open enrollment so the sponsoring agency has complete control over the attendance.

Special Needs Training

Occasionally training needs do not fit into the normal categories. If your agency needs something special - a part of this course and a part of that course - tell us what you need and we will make it happen. The PATC has the personnel and the ability to meet your agency's training needs - what ever they may be.

Online Training

Save money on registration fees and travel with any of the PATC online training options. Participate Live in one of our Interactive Webinars or view a previously recorded webinar.



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