McClureC. Frank McClure served for 24 years with the Atlanta Police Department after graduating from Auburn University. The majority of service with the Atlanta Police Department was in the Criminal Investigation Division as a Sergeant with the Homicide Task Force. During that period of time, he was directly involved and responsible for supervising investigations of hundreds of homicide cases. Upon his retirement from the Atlanta Police Department, he served as a Captain and Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division for the Douglas County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office.

Mr. McClure became a member of the Atlanta Police Department’s Hostage Negotiation Team at it’s inception in 1976 and was appointed Team Commander in 1979. He held that position until his retirement. During that period of time, he was directly involved in excess of 300 hostage situations, barricade gunman, and suicide attempts. Mr. McClure was awarded the Medal Of Honor, the highest award given by the Atlanta Police Department, for his actions in a 22 hour hostage situation where the Executive Secretary of the Hyatt Regency Hotel was held hostage by a lone gunman.

Mr. McClure has been regarded as one of the foremost authorities in Crisis/Hostage Negotiations. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs as an expert and consultant in the area of Crisis/Hostage Negotiations. He has trained hundreds of law enforcement and correctional personnel from all across the United States and several foreign countries. In November of 1987, Mr. McClure was an active member of the negotiating team at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary during the Cuban inmate uprising. This incident involved some 1500 hostage takers and 121 hostages and lasted for 12 days. The situation was resolved without the loss of a single hostage. Mr. McClure has acted as a consultant to numerous Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement and Correctional Agencies as well as Private Industry. He has acted as a Curriculum Advisor for the National Institute of Corrections, the State of Georgia and numerous other agencies. Mr. McClure was called to appear as an expert witness before the United Sates Congressional Committee investigation of the circumstances and events that occurred at Waco, Texas involving David Koresh.

Mr. McClure is certified by the State of Florida as well as other states as an instructor and has trained hundreds of representatives from different law enforcement agencies on the Federal, State, and Local level as well as several foreign countries. He is an adjunct faculty member of the Criminal Justice Institute at St. Petersburg College, St. Petersburg, Florida and has served as an adjunct faculty member to other higher educational institutions. Mr. McClure serves as Director of Crisis Management Resources in Atlanta, Georgia. As Director, he conducts seminars on crisis/hostage negotiations as well as other related fields to law enforcement and correctional personnel.

Mr. McClure acted as consultant to Calibre Press in the making of their award winning training film “Hostage Officer Survival”. He is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the field of Crisis/Hostage Negotiations and has been described as “the best in the business” by numerous peers in the field of Crisis/Hostage Negotiations.


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